Email address is not verified (AWS SES)


I want to use Amazon's Simple Email Service to send emails.

I verified my domain as well as the email address I want to send from.

For both it says verified.

Now when I use the Send Test Email from the AWS Console to send a test email to [email protected], I only get the error message:

Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region EU-WEST-1: [email protected] (Request ID: 9fb78de1-2673-11e6-bbbc-5f819fabe4f4)

Now it strikes me because it says [email protected] was not verified but I tried to send from [email protected]. The Send Test Email Dialog even forces you to use an email which already is registered.

How can this issue be resolved? Did I miss anything?


When your SES account is in "sandbox" mode, you can:

  1. Only send from verified domains and email addressed, and
  2. Only send to verified domains and email addresses

In order to send to anyone else, you must move your account out of sandbox mode by contacting AWS support and requesting it:

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