Bitbucket git credentials if signed up with Google


I have an account on that I created by signing up with my Google account. Now everytime I log in I just click "Log in with Google" and that's fine.

How can I access my repos from git command line? It requests me username and password. I have a username, but no password. How do I log in then?


You should do a one-time setup of creating an "App password" in Bitbucket web UI with permissions to at least read your repositories and then use it in the command line.


  1. Login to Bitbucket
  2. Click on your profile image in the top-right
  3. Choose Personal settings
  4. Under Access management section look for the App passwords option (
  5. Create an app password with permissions at least to Read under Repositories section. A password will be generated for you. Remember to save it, it will be shown only once!
  6. The username will be your BitBucket username (how to find it)

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