Create a branch in Git from another branch


I have two branches: master and dev

I want to create a "feature branch" from the dev branch.

Currently on the branch dev, I do:

git checkout -b myfeature dev

... (some work)

git commit -am "blablabla"
git push origin myfeature

But, after visualizing my branches, I got:


I mean that the branch seems fast-forward merged, and I don't understand why...

What am I doing wrong?

How can you branch off from another branch and push back to the remote repository for the feature branch?

All that in a branching model like the one described here.


If you like the method in the link you've posted, have a look at Git Flow.

It's a set of scripts he created for that workflow.

But to answer your question:

git checkout -b myFeature dev

Creates the MyFeature branch off dev. Do your work and then

git commit -am "Your message"

Now merge your changes to dev without a fast-forward

git checkout dev
git merge --no-ff myFeature

Now push the changes to the server

git push origin dev
git push origin myFeature

And you'll see it how you want it.

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