Git error when trying to push -- pre-receive hook declined


When I try and push a change I've commited, I get the following error ...

git.exe push -v --progress  "origin" iteration1:iteration1

remote: ********************************************************************* To ssh://git@mycogit/cit_pplus.git ! [remote rejected] iteration1 -> iteration1 (pre-receive hook declined) error: failed to push some refs to ‘ssh://git@mycogit/cit_pplus.git’

What's going on?


You should ask whoever maintains the repo at git@mycogit/cit_pplus.git.

Your commits were rejected by the pre-receive hook of that repo (that's a user-configurable script that is intended to analyze incoming commits and decide if they are good enough to be accepted into the repo).

It is also a good idea to ask that person to update the hook, so it would print the reasons for the rejection.

If the maintainer is you yourself, then it looks like you've got a problem with your setup on the server-side. Please share more information then.

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