Git: "please tell me who you are" error


I have app servers that I bootstrap together using Chef + some ad-hoc bash scripts. The problem is, when I want to run an update on one of these app servers, I get:

19:00:28: *** Please tell me who you are.


git config –global “[email protected]” git config –global “Your Name”

Do I really need to set this for doing a simple git pull origin master every time I update an app server? Is there anyway to override this behavior so it doesn't error out when name and email are not set?


I spent lots of hours on it when I call PHP script to init and commit to git. And I found the work flow should be as:

  1. git init
  2. git config "someone"
  3. git config "[email protected]"
  4. git add *
  5. git commit -m "some init msg"

If you swap [23] and 1, the config will not work at all.

I wish this will do some help.

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