Git push existing repo to a new and different remote repo server?


Say I have a repository on and I want to clone this into my account at github to have my own playground aside from the more "official" repo on fedorahosted. What would be the steps to initially copy that over? Within github there is this nice "fork" button, but I can't use this for obvious reasons.

And how would I track changes in the fedorahosted repo into the github one?


  1. Create a new repo at github.
  2. Clone the repo from fedorahosted to your local machine.
  3. git remote rename origin upstream
  4. git remote add origin URL_TO_GITHUB_REPO
  5. git push origin master

Now you can work with it just like any other github repo. To pull in patches from upstream, simply run git pull upstream master && git push origin master.

GitHub has recently renamed its master branch to main so (depending on whether your branch is called master or main) in step 5 you might have to use git push origin master and for pulling patches from upstream git pull upstream main && git push origin main, otherwise you will receive an error message.

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