Git: See my last commit


I just want to see the files that were committed in the last commit exactly as I saw the list when I did git commit. Unfortunately searching for

git "last commit" log

in Google gets me nowhere. And

git diff HEAD^..HEAD

is not what I need, of course, since it spews the guts of the change too.


As determined via comments, it appears that the OP is looking for

$ git log --name-status HEAD^..HEAD

This is also very close to the output you'd get from svn status or svn log -v, which many people coming from subversion to git are familiar with.

--name-status is the key here; as noted by other folks in this question, you can use git log -1, git show, and git diff to get the same sort of output. Personally, I tend to use git show <rev> when looking at individual revisions.

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