GitHub: How to make a fork of public repository private?


How can I fork a public repository, but make my fork private? I do have the subscription to support private repositories.


The answers are correct but don't mention how to sync code between the public repo and the fork.

Here is the full workflow (we've done this before open sourcing React Native):

First, duplicate the repo as others said (details here):

Create a new repo (let's call it private-repo) via the Github UI. Then:

git clone --bare
cd public-repo.git
git push --mirror
cd ..
rm -rf public-repo.git

Clone the private repo so you can work on it:

git clone
cd private-repo
make some changes
git commit
git push origin master

To pull new hotness from the public repo:

cd private-repo
git remote add public
git pull public master # Creates a merge commit
git push origin master

Awesome, your private repo now has the latest code from the public repo plus your changes.

Finally, to create a pull request private repo -> public repo:

Use the GitHub UI to create a fork of the public repo (the small "Fork" button at the top right of the public repo page). Then:

git clone
cd the-fork
git remote add private_repo_yourname
git checkout -b pull_request_yourname
git pull private_repo_yourname master
git push origin pull_request_yourname

Now you can create a pull request via the Github UI for public-repo, as described here.

Once project owners review your pull request, they can merge it.

Of course the whole process can be repeated (just leave out the steps where you add remotes).

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