go get results in 'terminal prompts disabled' error for github private repo


I created the private repo examplesite/myprivaterepo using the Github UI from my browser.

Then I went to my go directory (on the desktop) and cloned it:

$ cd $GOPATH
$ go get github.com/examplesite/myprivaterepo

So far so good. Created the file scheduler.go, added to repo, and pushed.

$ vim scheduler.go
$ git add scheduler.go
$ git commit
$ git push

Everythng's OK. But when I went to a clean laptop and tried to clone the repo, I got an error:

# Now on laptop, which doesn't yet know about the repo
$ cd $GOPATH
$ go get github.com/examplesite/myprivaterepo
# At this point it should ask for my user ID and password ,right? But it doesn't.
# Instead, this error occurs:
cd .; git clone https://github.com/examplesite/myprivaterepo /Users/tom/go/src/github.com/examplesite/myprivaterepo
Cloning into '/Users/tom/go/src/github.com/examplesite/myprivaterepo'...
fatal: could not read Username for 'https://github.com': terminal prompts disabled
package github.com/examplesite/myprivaterepo: exit status 128

Why is my laptop hating on my own repo and how can I get it to accept its fate? Thanks.


I found this extremely helpful, and it solved my problem. This command will allow your 2FA to do its thing (and save you the trouble of entering your username and password):

For Github:

git config --global --add url."[email protected]:".insteadOf "https://github.com/"

For Gitlab:

git config --global --add url."[email protected]:".insteadOf "https://gitlab.com/"

Source: http://albertech.blogspot.com/2016/11/fix-git-error-could-not-read-username.html

If you're not using 2FA, you can still use SSH and this will work.

Resulting .gitconfig will be like:

[url "[email protected]:"]
    insteadOf = https://github.com/

ssh: connect to host github.com port 22: Connection timed out

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