Go to particular revision


I cloned a git repository of a certain project. Can I turn the files to the initial state and when I review the files go to revision 2, 3, 4 ... most recent? I'd like to have an overview of how the project was evolving.


Before executing this command keep in mind that it will leave you in detached head status

Use git checkout <sha1> to check out a particular commit.

Where <sha1> is the commit unique number that you can obtain with git log

Here are some options after you are in detached head status:

  • Copy the files or make the changes that you need to a folder outside your git folder, checkout the branch were you need them git checkout <existingBranch> and replace files
  • Create a new local branch git checkout -b <new_branch_name> <sha1>

Note: to "undo" (return from) the detached head state simply use:

git checkout <branch> (where <branch> is e.g. master).

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