How can I merge multiple commits onto another branch as a single squashed commit?


I have a remote Git server, here is the scenario which I want to perform:

  • For each bug/feature I create a different Git branch

  • I keep on committing my code in that Git branch with un-official Git messages

  • In top repository we have to do one commit for one bug with official Git message

So how can I merge my branch to remote branch so that they get just one commit for all my check-ins (I even want to provide commit message for this)?


Say your bug fix branch is called bugfix and you want to merge it into master:

git checkout master
git merge --squash bugfix
git commit

This will take all the commits from the bugfix branch, squash them into 1 commit, and merge it with your master branch.


git checkout master

Switches to your master branch.

git merge --squash bugfix

Takes all commits from the bugfix branch and groups it for a 1 commit with your current branch.
(no merge commit appears; you could resolve conflicts manually before following commit)

git commit

Creates a single commit from the merged changes.

Omitting the -m parameter lets you modify a draft commit message containing every message from your squashed commits before finalizing your commit.

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No submodule mapping found in .gitmodule for a path that's not a submodule