How do I change the URI (URL) for a remote Git repository?


I have a repo (origin) on a USB key that I cloned on my hard drive (local). I moved "origin" to a NAS and successfully tested cloning it from here.

I would like to know if I can change the URI of "origin" in the settings of "local" so it will now pull from the NAS, and not from the USB key.

For now, I can see two solutions:

  • push everything to the USB origin, and copy it to the NAS again (implies a lot of work due to new commits to NAS origin);

  • add a new remote to "local" and delete the old one (I fear I'll break my history).


You can

git remote set-url origin new.git.url/here

See git help remote. You also can edit .git/config and change the URLs there.

You're not in any danger of losing history unless you do something very silly (and if you're worried, just make a copy of your repo, since your repo is your history.)

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