How do I exit from the text window in Git?


I am using Windows and before committing, Git wants me to enter a text message and a new text window appears.


How can I exit from this?

I am trying to learn Git. So, a little help will be highly appreciated.


Since you are learning Git, know that this has little to do with git but with the text editor configured for use. In vim, you can press i to start entering text and save by pressing esc and :wq and enter, this will commit with the message you typed. In your current state, to just come out without committing, you can do :q instead of the :wq as mentioned above.

Alternatively, you can just do git commit -m '<message>' instead of having git open the editor to type the message.

Note that you can also change the editor and use something you are comfortable with ( like notepad) - How can I set up an editor to work with Git on Windows?

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