How do I remove version tracking from a project cloned from git?


I want to remove all version tracking from a project's directory.

What is the correct method to do this?

Can I do a shell command such as:

rm -rf .git

from my projects directory or is there a way to do this as a Git command?

I used this project to learn Git and realize I made some mistakes early on in the project with moved, renamed and deleted files. I'd like to remove all Git tracking and start fresh with git init.


All the data Git uses for information is stored in .git/, so removing it should work just fine. Of course, make sure that your working copy is in the exact state that you want it, because everything else will be lost. .git folder is hidden so make sure you turn on the "Show hidden files, folders and disks" option.

From there, you can run git init to create a fresh repository.

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