How do I revert a merge commit that has already been pushed to remote?


git revert <commit_hash> alone won't work. Apparently, -m must be specified.


In git revert -m, the -m option specifies the parent number. This is needed because a merge commit has more than one parent, and Git does not know automatically which parent was the mainline, and which parent was the branch you want to un-merge.

When you view a merge commit in the output of git log, you will see its parents listed on the line that begins with Merge:

commit 8f937c683929b08379097828c8a04350b9b8e183
Merge: 8989ee0 7c6b236
Author: Ben James <[email protected]>
Date:   Wed Aug 17 22:49:41 2011 +0100

Merge branch ‘gh-pages’

Conflicts: README

In this situation, git revert 8f937c6 -m 1 will get you the tree as it was in 8989ee0, and git revert -m 2 will reinstate the tree as it was in 7c6b236.

To better understand what you're about to revert do git diff <parent_commit> <commit_to_revert>, in this case:

git diff 8989ee0 8f937c6


git diff 7c6b236 8f937c6

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