How do I revert all local changes in Git managed project to previous state?


I ran git status which told me everything was up to date and there were no local changes.

Then I made several consecutive changes and realized I wanted to throw everything away and get back to my original state. Will this command do it for me?

git reset --hard HEAD


To revert changes made to your working copy, do this:

git checkout .

Or equivalently, for git version >= 2.23:

git restore .

To revert changes made to the index (i.e., that you have added), do this. Warning this will reset all of your unpushed commits to master!:

git reset

To revert a change that you have committed:

git revert <commit 1> <commit 2>

To remove untracked files (e.g., new files, generated files):

git clean -f

Or untracked directories (e.g., new or automatically generated directories):

git clean -fd

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