How do you roll back (reset) a Git repository to a particular commit? [duplicate]


I cloned a Git repository and then tried to roll it back to a particular commit early on in the development process. Everything that was added to the repository after that point is unimportant to me so I want to omit all subsequent changes from my local source code.

However, when I try to roll back in the GUI tool it doesn't update my local file system - I always end up with the latest source code for the project.

What's the correct way to just get the source for a repository as of a particular commit in the project's history and omit all later updates?


git reset --hard <tag/branch/commit id>


  • git reset without the --hard option resets the commit history, but not the files. With the --hard option the files in working tree are also reset. (credited user)

  • If you wish to commit that state so that the remote repository also points to the rolled back commit do: git push <reponame> -f (credited user)

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