How to apply `git diff` patch without Git installed?


How can my client apply patch created by git diff without git installed? I have tried to use patch command but it always asks file name to patch.


git diff > patchfile


patch -p1 < patchfile

work but as many people noticed in comments and other answers patch does not understand adds, deletes and renames. There is no option but git apply patchfile if you need handle file adds, deletes and renames.

EDIT December 2015

Latest versions of patch command (2.7, released in September 2012) support most features of the "diff --git" format, including renames and copies, permission changes, and symlink diffs (but not yet binary diffs) (release announcement).

So provided one uses current/latest version of patch there is no need to use git to be able to apply its diff as a patch.

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