How to apply unmerged upstream pull requests from other forks into my fork?


A project on GitHub that I have a fork of has a new pull requests that I want to pull into my fork that the author has not pulled in yet.

Is there a simple way to apply pull request from other forks into my fork? Is there something else here that I am missing?


Update: Via Webpage

You can also do this via the github webpage.

I assume, you should have already a fork (MyFork) of the common repo (BaseRepo) which has the pending pull request from a fork (OtherFork) you are interested in.

  1. Navigate to the fork (OtherFork) which has initiated the pull request which you like to get into your fork (MyFork)
  2. Go to the pull requests page of OtherFork
  3. Click new pull request
  4. The pending pull request(s) should be offered. Remember to select proper OtherFork branch too. Select on the left side as the base fork your fork (MyFork) (IMPORTANT).
  5. Now the option of View pull request should change to Create pull request. Click this.

Now you should have a pending pull request in your fork (MyFork), which you can simply accept.

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