How to change my Git username in terminal?


I was pushing and pulling from git in Terminal then I changed my username on I went to push some changes and it couldn't push because it was still recognizing my old username.. How do I change/update my username on git in terminal?


  1. In your terminal, navigate to the repo you want to make the changes in.
  2. Execute git config --list to check current username & email in your local repo.
  3. Change username & email as desired. Make it a global change or specific to the local repo:
    git config [--global] "Full Name"
    git config [--global] "[email protected]"

    Per repo basis you could also edit .git/config manually instead.
  4. Done!

When performing step 2 if you see credential.helper=manager you need to open the credential manager of your computer (Win or Mac) and update the credentials there

Here is how it look on windows enter image description here

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