How to color the Git console?


I recently saw that the git console in Windows is colored, e.g. Green for additions, red for deletions, etc. How do I color my git console like that?

To install it, I used the command: $ sudo apt-get install git-core


As noted by @VonC, color.ui defaults to auto since Git 1.8.4

From the Unix & Linux Stackexchange question How to colorize output of git? and the answer by @Evgeny:

git config --global color.ui auto

The color.ui is a meta configuration that includes all the various color.* configurations available with git commands. This is explained in-depth in git help config.

So basically it's easier and more future proof than setting the different color.* settings separately.

In-depth explanation from the git config documentation:

color.ui: This variable determines the default value for variables such as color.diff and color.grep that control the use of color per command family. Its scope will expand as more commands learn configuration to set a default for the --color option. Set it to always if you want all output not intended for machine consumption to use color, to true or auto if you want such output to use color when written to the terminal, or to false or never if you prefer git commands not to use color unless enabled explicitly with some other configuration or the --color option.

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