How to get rid of "would clobber existing tag"


I'm using git in VSCodium and each time I try to pull git is complaining.

Looking into the log I see

> git pull --tags origin master
 * branch            master     -> FETCH_HEAD
 ! [rejected]        latest     -> latest  (would clobber existing tag)
   9428765..935da94  master     -> origin/master

Doing the command with --force helps until the next time.

It's unclear to me what's going wrong here. What happened and how can I resolve this issue?

I mean: Besides trashing my local repo and cloning again.


You should update your local tags with remote tags:

git fetch --tags --force

Then pull again.


On remote, someone deletes a tag and creates a new one with the same name, then this will happen on your local

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