How to git ignore subfolders / subdirectories?


I have a lot of projects in my .Net solution. I would like to exclude all "bin/Debug" and "bin/Release" folders (and their contents), but still include the "bin" folder itself and any dll's contained therein.

.gitignore with "bin/" ignores "Debug" and "Release" folders, but also any dll's contained in the "bin" folder.

bin/Debug or bin/Release in the .gitignore file does not exclude the directories unless I fully qualify the ignore pattern as Solution/Project/bin/Debug - which I don't want to do as I will need to include this full pattern for each project in my solution, as well as add it for any new projects added.

Any suggestions?


Have you tried wildcards?


With version 1.8.2 of git, you can also use the ** wildcard to match any level of subdirectories:


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