How to show Git log history (i.e., all the related commits) for a sub directory of a Git repository


Let’s say that I have a Git repository that looks like this:

   ... big tree here
   ... big tree here

Is there a way to ask git log to show only the log messages for a specific directory? For example, I want to see what commits touched files in foo/A only.


From directory foo/, use

  git log -- A

You need the '--' to separate <path>.. from the <since>..<until> refspecs.

# Show changes for src/nvfs
$ git log --oneline -- src/nvfs
d6f6b3b Changes for Mac OS X
803fcc3 Initial Commit

Show all changes (one additional commit besides in src/nvfs).

$ git log –oneline d6f6b3b Changes for Mac OS X 96cbb79 gitignore 803fcc3 Initial Commit

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