How to undo a git pull?


I would like to undo my git pull on account of unwanted commits on the remote origin, but I don't know to which revision I have to reset back to.

How can I just go back to the state before I did the git pull on the remote origin?


Or to make it more explicit than the other answer:

git pull 


git reset --keep HEAD@{1}

Versions of git older than 1.7.1 do not have --keep. If you use such version, you could use --hard - but that is a dangerous operation because it loses any local changes.

To the commenter

ORIG_HEAD is previous state of HEAD, set by commands that have possibly dangerous behavior, to be easy to revert them. It is less useful now that Git has reflog: HEAD@{1} is roughly equivalent to ORIG_HEAD (HEAD@{1} is always last value of HEAD, ORIG_HEAD is last value of HEAD before dangerous operation)

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