Rebase feature branch onto another feature branch


I have two (private) feature branches that I'm working on.

a -- b -- c                  <-- Master
     \     \
      \     d -- e           <-- Branch1
        f -- g               <-- Branch2

After working on these branches a little while I've discovered that I need the changes from Branch2 in Branch1. I'd like to rebase the changes in Branch2 onto Branch1. I'd like to end up with the following:

a -- b -- c                  <-- Master
            d -- e -- f -- g <-- Branch1

I'm pretty sure I need to rebase the second branch onto the first, but I'm not entirely sure about the correct syntax and which branch I should have checked out.

Will this command produce the desired result?

(Branch1)$ git rebase --onto Branch1 Branch2


  1. Switch to Branch2

    git checkout Branch2
  2. Apply the current (Branch2) changes on top of the Branch1 changes, staying in Branch2:

    git rebase Branch1

Which would leave you with the desired result in Branch2:

a -- b -- c                      <-- Master
            d -- e               <-- Branch1
            d -- e -- f' -- g'   <-- Branch2

You can delete Branch1.

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