Why is Git not considered a "block chain"?


Git's internal data structure is a tree of data objects, wherein each objects only points to its predecessor. Each data block is hashed. Modifying (bit error or attack) an intermediate block will be noticed when the saved hash and the actual hash deviate.

How is this concept different from block chain?
Git is not listed as an example of block chains, but at least in summaries, both data structure descriptions look alike: data block, single direction reverse linking, hashes, ...).

So where is the difference, that Git isn't called a block chain?


The reason why Git and blockchains appear similar is because they are both using merkle trees as their underlying data structure. A merkle tree is a tree where each node is labeled with the cryptographic hash value of their contents, which includes the labels of its children.

Git’s directed acyclic graph is exactly that, a merkle tree where each node (tag, commit, tree, or blob object) is labeled with the hash of its content and the label of its “child”. Note that for commits, the “child” term conflicts a bit with Git’s understanding of parents: Parent commits are the children of commits, you just need to look at the graph as a tree that keeps growing by re-rooting it.

Blockchains are very similar to this, since they also keep growing that way, and they are also using its merkle tree property to ensure data integrity. But usually, blockchains are understood as way more than just merkle trees which is where they are separating from the “stupid content tracker” Git. For example, blockchains usually also means having a highly decentralized system on a block level (not all blocks need to be in the same place).

Understanding blockchains is kind of difficult (personally, I’m still far away from understanding everything about it), but I consider understanding Git internals as a good way to understand merkle trees which definitely helps understanding a fundamental part about blockchains.

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