Python Pandas Error tokenizing data


I'm trying to use pandas to manipulate a .csv file but I get this error:

pandas.parser.CParserError: Error tokenizing data. C error: Expected 2 fields in line 3, saw 12

I have tried to read the pandas docs, but found nothing.

My code is simple:

path = 'GOOG Key Ratios.csv'
data = pd.read_csv(path)

How can I resolve this? Should I use the csv module or another language ?

File is from Morningstar


you could also try;

data = pd.read_csv('file1.csv', on_bad_lines='skip')

Do note that this will cause the offending lines to be skipped.


For Pandas < 1.3.0 try

data = pd.read_csv("file1.csv", error_bad_lines=False)

as per pandas API reference.

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Truth value of a Series is ambiguous. Use a.empty, a.bool(), a.item(), a.any() or a.all()